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About ArgeCure®

ArgeCure® represents patented technology developed by researchers from Palacký University Olomouc for treatment of wide variety of surfaces and materials with silver nanoparticles. Due to the nature of strong interaction between the matrix and silver, release of the particles is prevented. ArgeCure® technology can be used for manufacturing of products with various dimensions, from microparticles and particles over microfibres and fibres up to large surfaces. The final products reveal high antimicrobial activity strong immobilization of silver nanoparticles and high durability.

Why to use ArgeCure® silver technology

Bulk silver has been used as antimicrobial agent since Ancient times. Its antimicrobial activity was significantly increased with a change of its dimension from macroscopic to nanoscopic. Nevertheless, the diameter in nanometers or tens of nanometers allows these highly active particles to penetrate through different membranes/tissues and as such became potentially dangerous. ArgeCure® composite materials on the bases of macroscopic core with covalently immobilized active nanoparticles represent an acceptable solution to the addressed issue.

ArgeCure® technology profits from typical characteristic features of both composite counterparts. The micro- or macro- sized matrixes are safe not to penetrate the membranes and migrate in organisms and the immobilized silver nanoparticles provide premium antimicrobial properties. Because of these properties are ArgeCure products predetermined for use e.g. in cosmetics, veterinary and human medicine or for design of advanced industrial materials such as colours, varnishes, filters, etc.

ArgeCure® products


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More information

Antimicrobial Composite Microparticles

ArgeCure® technology enables manufacturing of unique Antimicrobial Composite Microparticles (ACM), which are composed of natural or synthetic matrix and strongly bonded silver particles. The representative of synthetic matrix are polyurethane beads which could be produced in precisely defined diameters. As a natural materials used for ArgeCure® was elected natural clay montmorillonite, which is widespread and exploited material. Both matrix materials can be also used in veterinary and human medicine.

Antimicrobial Composite Microparticles can be used as active ingredient in both cosmetic and medical ointments, creams and tinctures or as a part of eye drops. ACMs can be also added into wide portfolio of industrial chemistry such as colors, varnishes, siliconec, cements, etc.

Potential use

eye drops and tinctures

ointments and creams

colors and varnishes

silicones and cements

Technical specification

material: composite with silver nanoparticles

substrate: montmorillonite or polyurethane

size: by request - from tens to hundreds of micrometers

amount of silver: 10-70 mg per 1 g of composite

Antimicrobial Composite Fibres

Antimicrobial Composite Fibres (ACF) can be manufactured by ArgeCure® technology easily by adding simple step into manufacturing a synthetic fibres. Fibres can be realized from any synthetic material such as polyurethane, polyester, polypropylene etc. It is possible to treat synthetic fibres with any legth and diameter. Subsequent processing is the same as in the case of ordinary used fibres.

Synthetic fibres treated by ArgeCure® can be applied in various completely different branches. They can be used for production of highly effective wound covers especially for applications in treatment of poorly healing wounds with high risk of bacterial infections such as burns, pressure sores or leg ulcers. The second possible utilization of antimicrobial fibres is manufacturing of various types of filtres that need to be protected from growth of microorganism. These can be used in air conditioning or as active filters for liquid filtration. Last but not least can be synthetic fibres with antimicrobial properties used for production of advanced functional textiles.

Potential use

wound covers

air conditioning filtres

liquid filtres

antimicrobial textiles

Technical specification

material: composite with silver nanoparticles

substrate: synthetic fibres

size: variable diameters and lengths

amount of silver: by request

Antimicrobial Composite Surfaces (ACS)

ArgeCure® technology enables not only modification of particles or fibres, but it is also possible to create Antimicrobial Composite Surfaces (ACS). The best way how to treat whole surfaces is to incorporate ArgeCure® technology into the manufacturing process. This allow to equally/homogeneously cover the whole surface and ensure the best antimicrobiological properties.

Antimicrobial surfaces created by ArgeCure® technology can be applied wherever it is necessary to keep surfaces clean without biological contamination and microbial growth. This may be primarily medical aids such as catheters, cannulas, or other special use tools.

Potential use

urinal, vascular and other catheters

advanced cannulae

treatment of medical instruments

antimicrobial treatment of other surfaces

Technical specification

material: composite with silver nanoparticles

substrate: biocompatible/biodegradable

size of silver nanoparticles: max. tens of nm

amount of silver: by request